Adventure Boot Camp

School Boot Camp

We offer the services for the School Boot Camp. The entry level course which can be configured in numerous layouts to fit your space. The poles form an equilateral triangle, square or rectangular and we currently have courses designed from 3 to more poles. Elements are installed between each pole. Once your ropes course has been constructed, provided you have the space, additional poles and elements can be added at a later date in order to increase the capacity to meet high demand.


PolesElementsSpace between poles(m)Overall Height(m)Platform height(m)Capacity

Corporate Boot Camp

With the perfect amalgam of expertise and advanced techniques, we are offering best in class Corporate Boot Camp. Our offered services known for excellent implementation along with reliability, we have attained vast clientele base to serve. Setting up camp in an exotic location is our trait and we accomplish it within minimum time frame.

Other Details:
  • Client-centric approach
    Cost effective
  • New age techniques

Family Boot Camp

Family Boot Camp is an exciting, physical conditioning program. It combines a variety of strength, endurance and cardiovascular activities combined with the camaraderie and motivation that comes from training in groups. Bootcamp is designed to challenge all aspects of your health and fitness. Whether it is fat loss goals or simply wanting to get fitter, Boot camp is the answer.

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